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A Compilation of Studies and Evidence

(This post will be updated very regularly so you may want to save it!) In here is compiled a large amount of studies. I urge you to take your time and read through each piece, each link, and take in what you can. Not everything is included here but it is a starting point. You don't need to read this all at once. You don't need to see this and instantly think, "But why would anyone lie?" This isn't about that. It's more important that everyone takes control of their real health and see the real data, rather than hypothesising "why" something is being done. Please read through each of these links below, take days to work through this if you need to, but please read each link. At the bottom, I have attached a sign off that I also hope you will read and refer to. There is a lot more I still need to add, but it is very hard work to put all of this together so this is a work in progress.

1. Open Letters by Thousands of Medical Professionals

By simply reading these letters, you will get most of the information you need - studies, official links, and sources - demonstrating the lack of evidence for masks, vaccines, lockdowns, asymptomatic transmission and much, much more. Please read these letters, written by doctors, infectious disease specialists, scientists, and academics. There are more than just these letters, (each signed by hundreds of professionals) but this is a fantastic place to begin

  1. Us for Them -

  2. Medical Freedom Alliance -

  3. Great Barrington Declaration - (Infectious disease epidemiologists)

  4. December 2020, a complete study and analysis of evidence regarding lockdowns, masks, transmission, and vaccines:

2. Masks Are Very Harmful and Completely Ineffective

There are no randomised controlled trials (RCT), and no real world observational studies to prove that masks are effective. The CDC themselves state this (link below, point 1) Further, all the evidence shows they are very harmful.

  1. Scroll down to "Face Masks" in this CDC publication and see it from the CDC themselves: "In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks" They analysed all studies and evidence of face masks from 1946 to July 2018.

  2. Masks cause a severe negative impact on cardiopulmonary function:

  3. Masks can cause a 23% increase in infection - (The data is explained below**):

  4. Summary of the science on masks -

  5. Easy to view and long list of studies - please scroll and read each of the studies which are listed in order, below the video. He lists a great many studies here, and just under the "Harm" section, there are 13 studies proving serious psychological and physiological harm of mask usage. This is the USA's number 1 health podcast, and he is featured in all major outlets.

  6. Forty-two (42) different studies linked here. Scroll to the bottom of this article: (read it too, but if you just want the studies, they are organised at the end)

  7. Further studies showing lack of evidence and harm -

  8. Largest mask study in children (Germany, about 26,000 children, 2020) shows vast physiological and psychological harms:

  9. Masks cause horrendous damage physically and psychologically to children -

  10. a FOI request to NY Public Health Department asking for studies to prove the efficacy and safety of mask use in the general population, received the response of "After a diligent search, no such studies were found". This can be viewed on Children's Health Defense.

  11. **Point 3 data explanation in case there are people who do not understand the numbers: "95% CIs are compatible with a 46% reduction to a 23% increase in infection” means that, within the bounds of uncertainty, wearing a mask could have increased the likelihood of being infected by 23%. Such is the nature of relative risk evaluation, when the comparative impact on absolute risk is too miniscule to be detected.

Please remember that mask mandates are about masking the entire population, outside of controlled healthcare environments. So the argument of "doctors wear them for hours during surgery" is inapplicable. We are not dealing with surgeries or controlled healthcare environments, but instead with masking healthy people, all the time, in the entire population. There is simply no evidence to show that widespread mask use is safe or effective and the CDC themselves admit this after analysing the entire history of mask use (first link). The evidence shows physical and psychological harms, and increased risk of transmission.

3. Asymptomatic Transmission

Asymptomatic transmission is the basis behind the masks. The supposed "problem" is that people may be continuously carrying the virus at all times, but display no symptoms, yet contribute to the death or sickness of someone else. The studies do not show that asymptomatic transmission is real. It is far from the "driver" of this problem. This means there is no premise for masking healthy people.

  1. Asymptomatic means you are supposedly "infected" but you do not have, nor will you ever develop, symptoms. This is key to remember. Asymptomatic means you will never, ever develop symptoms or get sick. It is not:

  2. Pre-symptomatic - where you are about to get sick. And it is not:

  3. Paucisymptomatic - where you will display few, minor symptoms

The evidence:

  1. The huge study involving 10 million people in Wuhan, showed only 300 out of ten million people were "asymptomatic", and not one of the "asymptomatic" people transmitted infection:

  2. The huge JAMA Study shows the exact same rate of asymptomatic case transmission at 0% to 0.7% - ie, basically non-existent.

  3. A thorough paper in the BMJ, which goes through not only asymptomatic transmission, but also the clear evidence showing that the PCR tests are greatly subject to error. There are further links within this article demonstrating the lack of infectiousness in "asymptomatic" people.

  4. Anthony Fauci stated that "never in the history of viral diseases have asymptomatic individuals been the driver of disease"

  5. The WHO have also stated categorically that there is little, or no evidence at all, for "asymptomatic" transmission:

  6. BMJ paper on the Wuhan study:

  7. One Virus Particle is Enough to Cause Infectious Disease Science Daily - READ THE ARTICLE

  8. Measles Virus Can Live for up to Two Hours in an Airspace CDC – US Gov - READ THE ARTICLE

  9. Droplets and Aerosols in the Transmission of SARS-CoV-2. The New England Journal of Medicine - READ THE ARTICLE

  10. Closed environments facilitate secondary transmission of coronavirus BMJ - READ THE ARTICLE

  11. Suggests airborne transmission is not driving the pandemic Science of the Total Environment -READ THE ARTICLE

  12. Scroll down to "Virus Transmissibility" and to see the five studies listed above in context: (

  13. Remember - read through the articles, and the studies above. There are no studies to genuinely and conclusively prove that a huge amount of asymptomatic transmission is occurring and therefore causing this problem. As Fauci himself has stated, historically, asymptomatic transmission is never the driver of disease.

4. Complete Unreliability of RT-PCR Tests - False Positives

The tests widely being used to "confirm" whether you have "c-19"have been categorically proved to be unreliable. They consistently give false positives almost all the time. Further, the actual genetic sequence and viral load of "C-19" has never, to this day, been isolated. Therefore, there is no "actual" virus culture to compare your particular virus cultures to. Which means a positive test means nothing, because it is not being compared against an actual "C-19" specimen.

The PCR test does not test your swabs against a particular virus culture, in this case, C-19, to see if it matches. The PCR test simply tests for any type of viral load - be it bacterial or viral or otherwise, and tests for any and all type of "coronaviruses". Hence anything being able to come back as "positive". A positive test result is meaningless:

  1. The PCR test does not test specifically and only for C-19. It is not a "C-19 test". There are 10 huge flaws with the PCR test, and they are described here by international scientists who request the retraction of the test:

  2. The CDC has issued guidance on December 2nd that tests give false positives so should not be used consistently, and especially not by asymptomatic individuals (further corroborating the above regarding asympto -

  3. Minister in Austrian Parliament performs live test on a can of Coca Cola and it shows as positive:

  4. WHO releases guidance on December 14, 2020, saying actual symptoms must be present, before a reliable diagnosis of "positive" can be issued - regardless of what test results state because they give false positives:

  5. This article on the BMJ once again sites numerous sources and studies and talks you through the problem of simply using a test as the only diagnostic tool

  6. The virus has not been isolated from a human specimen or otherwise, and PCR tests are not comparing your particular viral load, to a particular C-19 specific viral load.

  7. A FOI request to the Irish government requested the isolation and proof of evidence for the viral, C-19 specific load, but the response was that "no such specimen from human or other sample exists". The virus has never, still to this day, been sequenced or isolated. It was never extracted from a human viral load sample.

  8. Further reading can be done on this article with interviews to the 22 scientists who requested a retraction of the test:

  9. Even the New York Times has reported on these facts:

  10. CDC Now Says People With No Symptoms Should Not Test

Remember -

if there is no actual, real, C-19 sample for us to compare viral loads to - how can we be sure that anything actually is C-19? Further, this is the method being used to determine how many people are supposedly "dying from it" or "spreading it". But without a comparison of your virus cultures, to an official, set virus culture of "C19" - how are you supposed to know that what you have isn't just any other virus or flu infection? The entire premise is based on a hugely flawed test, that does not test specifically for the virus, does not compare your viral load cultures with specific C-19 viral loads, and is being used beyond the recommended cycle length - meaning that all data resulting from tests used above 32 cycles is completely meaningless anyway.

5. "Vaccinations" Are Not the Path to Safety or Freedom

And treatments such as outpatient high dose zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, azythromycin mix, or Ivermectin (preventative), and glutathione (treats and prevents, present naturally in foods and our bodies), are being ignored and suppressed. Please note listed here is only information regarding to the "C19" "vaccines"

  1. The Pfizer vaccine is currently 16x more deadly than any supposed exposure to the virus. The virus has a survival rate of 99.97% - the adverse effect for the Pfizer vaccine, after only the first dose, is already 2.8%. Please see the official CDC report and scroll to the slide titled "Active Surveillance" which shows a table of administered doses and severe adverse effects reported per day:

  2. The Moderna vaccine stands at a huge, crippling 17.4% adverse effect rate, read the FDA data: You can also see it summed up by Peter Doshi's article, here in the New York Times. Click the article that is written by Peter Doshi MD, it's an on page dropdown.

  3. These rates - 2.8%, and 17.4%, are for Grade 3 severe adverse events. This means people were immediately left unable to work and perform daily activities, and they needed care from a doctor. Immediately. The system is not even dealing with long or mid term reactions yet as that data simply has not taken place. Every single person injecting themselves with these liability free injections, (because they can hardly be called "vaccines") is really just part of a study. The long and mid term health effects have not been studied. Yet the information coming out about immediate adverse effects, is already extremely concerning and troubling.

  4. The Pfizer study states: The injections have not been tested on the elderly, on pregnant women, on breastfeeding women, on immune compromised people, on asthmatics, on people with comorbidities, or any people with any type of health issue. Yet it is these people that the media and the government are saying the injections should be given to first. That is the link to the actual Pfizer study where you can see, clearly stated, all the groups left out of the "study".

  5. On this CDC publication "Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Currently Authorized in the United States" - please scroll and read the entire contraindications section thoroughly. It is clearly stated how many groups were left out of the study (immunocompromised, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, history of certain disease, age groups etc). The CDC recommendations clearly state that "no safety data exists" for several groups, including people with history of allergic reactions to any of the ingredients.

  6. In Norway 23 people die after receiving the vaccine, January 15, 2021 - and Norwegian Medicines Agency has advised they will no longer be vaccinating people over a certain age

  7. The official Norwegian Medicines Agency statement of the deaths - Jan 15, 2021 and adverse effects reporting page: You will see how the official Norwegian agency also clearly states, like the CDC, that the studies did not include people with disease, elderly (85 years or older), or frail. So why are we giving the injection to these people in nursing homes first?

  8. An entire CDC publication on large number of suspected Anaphylaxis reactions to the vaccines and how to manage this:

  9. The media has routinely announced that there are "no contraindications to mixing the vaccines". This is an absolute lie, and you must really stop and question why they would defy the clinical data that is so readily available. Read either of the two CDC Clinical Recommendations above, the one linked here, or read the Pfizer study itself. There is absolutely, categorically, no data at all for the mixing of C-19 vaccines. Further, there is absolutely no data at all for the mixing of C-19 injections and any other vaccine.

  10. The CDC Contraindications (link above) states PEG hypersensitivity is "more common than recognised". PEG is present in both C-19 injections. The CDC Contraindications Information above cites the following study as evidence that "sensitivity" (or any reaction), to PEGs constitutes a contraindication to vaccination and such sensitivity is in fact "much more widespread than recognised".

  11. Pfizer set the record with a 2.8 billion dollar lawsuit. Like all big Pharma, they are continuous and routine criminal offenders. Is this the type of company you would trust with your health? Read more about all their offences on

  12. “As of this writing, no correlate of protection for SARS-CoV-2 has been established.”

  13. No existing vaccines have been shown to be effective against infection with any betacoronavirus, the family that includes SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19.” Polack FP, Thomas SJ, Kitchin N, et al. Safety and efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 vaccine. N Engl J Med 2020;383:2603-2615


6. A Big Picture Summary of Crucial Facts Regarding the Virus - Straight From the Only and Official CDC Data Sources

This section contains a great deal of thorough information and you may need to take a long while to work through each section and understand each point. These are some of the most crucial facts about the virus: The survival rates, and the real death rates. Please take as long as necessary to understand all of this and see the data for yourself on the CDC. Remember, this is not some random page of the CDC's website: This is the actual, official reporting site of deaths, disease, mortality and more. There is no other section on the CDC - this is the only official place to get this data and this is where all data is ever logged.

  1. Asymptomatic Covid-positive is basically non-existent and stands at only 0.7% – less than 1%. (sources already listed above)

  2. CDC : Survival rate of ages 0-69 is at 99.82%. The survival rate of age 70+ is at 94.6% (with high comorbidities and other causes of death for that age group, please read about that on point 3 below).

  3. CDC : Only 6% of death certificates show Covid-19 as the only cause of death: This is hugely important. This means, out of the 100% that we are told died "from C19" - only 6% of that 100% actually had no other cause listed on their death certificate. See this crucial fact right here: Scroll down to "Comorbidities" here is the screenshot.

4. As you can read from the CDC screenshot above on the official deaths recording, "only 6% of people" had only the virus listed as a cause of death. As you can see, the CDC state that "for all other deaths" - i.e., the 94% remaining, there were "on average, 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death"

5. This 94% of people with other causes on their death certificate, had on average, at least 2.6 comorbidities: This means they may have had things such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, all at once - and died from one of those causes, yet their death is still listed as a "C19" death. Can you see how the data is being purposefully manipulated?

6. These chronic diseases are the real pandemic: escalating chronic disease and continuously higher yearly death counts: Click here to read a research paper analyzing all cause mortality throughout the years.

Or see again and scroll down to "Health and Immune System Relationship to C19 Susceptability". Have a look at all of these studies regarding chronic disease that are listed there:

(For further and extremely detailed reading, with hundreds of pages and analysis of all studies and scientific evidence on this topic, All-cause mortality, and chronic disease, read the book "How Not to Die" by Dr. Greger)

7. Death and case data is being obviously manipulated and purposefully buried by the CDC, ONS, NHS and all other sources. Because people are "tested" and it came back as "postive" (and we know the testing is flawed), any death with a positive test result is being counted as a "C19" death. This includes gunshot wounds, drowning, heart attacks, and any other cause of death - as you clearly saw from the CDC themselves. This is an absolute fallacy and a manipulation of data. Please take the time to read through this entire article for a very thorough explanation of this, with source links and screenshots to the CDC:

8. Data manipulation continued: You can also watch this video, where Rachel Elnaugh, famous for Dragon's Den, takes you through the skewed, and manipulative reporting being done by the ONS: This is a step by step video that will show you how deeply buried the real statistics are and what the real numbers truly say.


This is all I am adding for now, because it is a lot for most people to work through. Just under the mask section alone, you will have over 100 studies to read and look through. I will update this regularly as there is more information to add and as I can take time to include further facts - Please read the sign off below.

My Sign Off to You - Please Reflect on This:

Within this post, you will find studies and links to official sources, and only as regarding to this virus. You should come away, at the very least, wondering why all of this data is being ignored and withheld. You should also remember, after you finish reading as much as you can, what true, real health is: a whole foods, plant based diet. Exercise. Sunshine. Being with loved ones. Living with as least stress, anxiety and depression as possible. Being amongst nature. Breathing in fresh air. Oxygen therapy. Cold water swimming. Having fun and laughing. Seeing friends. Getting in your greens and green smoothies. Omegas. Meditation (scientifically proven to alter the brain, alter your consciousness, improve depression way more than drugs, and much more) Taking supplements, (most of us will naturally be deficient no matter what we eat)...

Now just think for a moment, if the world around you, seems to represent this natural, holistic approach to our human well being. And indeed, our natural human nature based on tribal and natural evolution. Do you think it does? Do you think, that what people are being told, is a holistic, and genuine approach to real, natural health and immunity?

Or is the world around you trying to convince you that health, immunity, and normality, will come from everyone just wearing a mask, staying apart, going outside as little as possible, and being injected. Please see, how they are trying to invert what is normal, and natural, and make it look like it is stupid, or crazy. Or that these points of view are from a particular type of people, or a political party, or even worse, that this side of the fence, focused on holistic health and natural immunity, is actually dangerous.

With that in mind please take the time to read all the research that is compiled here.

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